• When CST Industries Inc. contacted us to help them with their search visibility, our first step was to conduct an in-depth SEO audit on their website. Our analysis discovered that they were suffering tremendous ranking loses due to improperly implemented and leaky on-page optimization.

    We identified and fixed critical, yet very common, technical SEO issues such as: website’s wrong hierarchical categorization, improperly structured architecture, wrong keyword targeting strategy and more….

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  • Company name: CST Industries Inc.

Shortly about the company that we achieved these results for:


Website: www.cstindustries.com

CST Industries Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture and construction of factory coated metal storage tanks, aluminum domes and specialty covers. Offices are located in United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai. Currently more than 275,000 CST tanks and covers have been installed in 125 countries throughout the world.

Website Issues

During the on-page SEO audit we identified the following issues:

Website’s wrong hierarchical categorization.

Improperly structured architecture of the website.

Wrong keyword targeting strategy.

Not optimized meta data.

Link equity leakage.

Duplicate content issues.

Below Are Before and After Screenshots

  • The project was started on February 28th. Before starting any work, we added client targeted keywords into our tracking system. One important fact to keep in mind is that we added around 250 keywords, which is only a fraction of what the client targets.

  • With that being said, we saw an overwhelming increase in Google and Bing rankings across the board. With these results, we can confidently state that the following documented increases are only a fraction of what was actually achieved

Anyway, let’s keep going. In the screenshot below you can see ranking increase of 1,156 positions in Google search engine.

google ranking increase graph


In the screenshot below you can see ranking increase of 1,246 positions in Bing search engine.

If we combine these significant increases, it will account for a neat 2,402 positions boost in search engines (without even mentioning the thousands of additional keyword variations which weren’t included in our tracking system). For companies like this, whose single project may be worth tens, hundreds and in some cases millions of dollars, this is an incredible impact to the bottom line!

  • Proper on-page search engine optimization will not only help you climb up in rankings and potentially even outrank your competitors but it also will lay a solid foundation for your ongoing off-page SEO efforts.

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