Solid Content Marketing Strategy

With content marketing receiving a great deal of attention, many companies are indiscriminately throwing content all over the internet. The difference between the winners and the losers in the content marketing world is that the winners thoroughly analyze top available web properties where to place your content and then what medium type of content will fit there the most.

When marketing content of our clients, we always focus our campaigns on building relationships with web influencers that have access to your target audience. This allows us to drive a highly targeted visitors to your site as well as simultaneously gains robust SEO benefits. At OD Marketers we break down this process into two stages.

Stage 1: Technical Analysis

The content marketing development processes starts off with a review of vital elements, which include some of the following:

  • Your websites Domain Authority.
  • Your competitors Domain Authority.
  • Relevant links that can drive the maximum traffic to your website and provide the most effective SEO results.

Stage 2: Editorial Breakdown

To get started, we must identify the various characteristics of your potential buyers and work backwards from there. Consider what topics, medium, and type of outreach will move your buyers the most. At OD Marketers, we use our skill set to Engineer Success. Our staff can run the cycle from building a relationship, creating and optimizing the necessary content, to fulfilling and disseminating the information as scheduled.

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