• Data-Driven PPC Advertising Management Services

    Pay Per Click marketing is the only way to INSTANTLY get product/service in front of your target audience! Unfortunately, it is very risky to do it by yourself if you don’t possess appropriate training and expertise in this area. You can literally lose your pants very quickly without help of highly experienced PPC agency.

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Below Is a Proven Process We Use for Our PPC Management Services

OD Marketers’ PPC division has developed its own proprietary methodology to scale PPC advertising campaigns for companies with budgets higher than $1,000 a month.

  • Keyword Research

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    We’ll conduct an in-depth keyword research and make sure your PPC campaign is targeting the most relevant keywords with highest purchase intent. We’ll filter out all the money wasting keywords, which may save you tons of time and money.

  • Budget Estimation

    After identification of the most appropriate keywords, our analytical team will conduct a budget estimation for your campaign. This process will allow us to get an idea what the minimal monthly budget you must have to get enough data for future optimization of your campaign.

  • Campaign Planning

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    We will analyze your business’ model, industry sector and key competitors to identify hidden opportunities. Based on gathered data we will craft a winning strategy for your PPC campaign. Once the planning is done, the creative aspect of your campaign will begin.

  • Landing Pages Creation

    Sending visitors to your website’s regular pages is complete waste of your money. We’ll create dedicated landing pages that are designed in scientifically proven way, which may significantly increase amount of leads from your pay per click advertising campaign.

  • Ad Copy Writing

    Coming up with an effective ad copy is both an art and a science. All the ad copies will be composed by professional copywriters who know the essentials of direct response advertisement so you’ll get highly qualified visitors for the lowest cost per click.

  • Campaign Launch

    Once all the necessary aspects of your PPC campaign are ready, we’ll launch a first round campaign. The first round campaign will run for two to three months to gather the necessary data for further evaluation and analysis to optimize campaign’s performance.

  • Data Evaluation

    Once we have enough data gathered during the first round phase, we’ll carefully analyze every bit of that invaluable information. Based on that data we’ll be able to make scientifically-backed decisions to continually refine the performance of your campaign.

  • Optimization

    Ongoing optimization based on the results received during the Data Evaluation phase is crucial! We’ll start making necessary changes by eliminating everything that doesn’t work while at the same time focusing on all the aspects that brought positive return on investment.

  • Reporting

    Periodically we’ll provide a detailed report covering overall performance of your PPC campaign. From this report you’ll get a meaningful insight into analytical data as well as key metrics and see consequent improvements in performance attributed to ongoing optimization efforts of our team.

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